Saturday, August 29, 2009

3rd week at school

3 Assignments;
BMATH 1203 Probability & Statistics
BMATH 2305 Discreet Structure
BTECH 2309 E-Commerce Theories & Practices

2 which I'm suppose to submit yesterday were delayed cos overslept lahh. Puasa kot, penat kononnya.

They change a new soap dispenser sial. After 3years studying at limkokwing, ni lah 1st time aku tengok diorang ambil inisiatif untuk menangani gejala H1N1 menular dikalangan pelajar.

ok tipu, bukan ni.

Tapi ini ;

patut la mata aku rasa silau je masuk toilet

And Desmond,
well.. is being Desmond

King Kong 1st time pakai contact lense, No0ob.

Friday, August 21, 2009

2nd week at school

Nothing much happen this week, 1st assignment due date is on week 4. So still have time.
*Macam biasa, sure last minute baru buat*

Inside class, my lecturer asked me to make an essay on what do u expect to study in E-Commerce. So what I wrote:

"Honestly I don't even know what E-Commerce means. No,nothing, nada, nil, kosong, ling.  But what I hope to learn is to gain more knowledge in this subject and how it has change the world.  I was planning to write down whatever there is in the module outline to this essay. But since u don't allow us to copy it, I will try my best to write the best I can. So.. er, that's all. Thank you and I'll draw you a house : *house*"

Then submit.

Meet my new lecturer for
BMATH 2305 Discreet Structure

*Forget his name but he is quite funny lahh*


RM 300 Fine.

And while I was sleeping at the student lounge,
I saw this new no-smoking warning :


Confiscate lighter and ciggies?
Fine RM300 fail,
why do u guys think by confiscating the ciggies and lighter will win?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

World Stage

I went to MTV World Stage at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach
yesterday with Jon, Song, Frederick, Zeera and Rafiq.
Thanks to Hawa for the 4 free passes.
Yea bebeh.

And since i didn't bring my camera there,
so takde la banyak gambar.

Not really in a mood to blog right now,
wanted to save this as draft but
there's too many draft post yang aku belum publish lagi
memang fail.

Oh! My NeverEnding Story trilogy sudah finish download,
mooovee time!

Monday, August 10, 2009

1st week at school

Class everyday starts at 0900
wtf laa

First day ok lah
Ramai cute girls.

Get my 1st assignments on Monday, really wtf.
But sounds easy lah, just 1.5k words of research and stuffs.
*wikipedia here i come*

*Sleeping on the 1st day*

How to Prevent Getting H1N1 Flu or Swine Flu

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dah Year 2 rupanya aku?
Rasa cam tua betul.
Anyways before the new semester starts,
one of my lecturer ask me to resit my exam.

Aku da prepare a, tapi aku lupa yang aku tak amek
exam Business Communication
sebab aku hanta kawan2 pegi airport.

*Richard yang gay*

At first kawan2 aku agak worry.
Diorang suruh aku pegi exam tapi aku dengan confident cakap
"Its ok bebeh, exam can resit. Friends are more important to me"

So bila aku da sampai sekolah,

lecturer tanya la;
"Why u didn't sit for your exam before?"

And I cant help myself being honest;
"Because I fetch my friends to airport the other day"

Then dia kata alasan tak munasabah dan munasarawak.
adess, kantoi disitu.

*Borang Alasan*

Aku pun cari la year leader nak kena slow talk dgn beliau.
Pastu takdir aku ternampak Ms Izan berlegar-legar di faculty.
Aku minta tolong dari beliau mintak "Borang Alasan".
And aku tanya la apa alasan yang bleh diterima?
Dia cakap "Be creative bebeh"
ok part bebeh tu aku tipu.

Antara alasan yang bermain difikiran aku ialah;

1.My car broke down in the middle of the highway
and my phone ran out of battery so
I cant call anyone for help thus make me miss the exam

2.I have a headache on that particular day
which makes me cannot drive to school and miss the exam.

3.My precious cat ran away from home.
She is pregnant and when i found her
she already gave birth to 5 healthy kittehs.

etc etc

At last aku pakai alasan pening.
Boleh la daripada takde kan?

Masa exam aku lupa baca pasal 4plans apa tah.
siot tol

tapi at last pass gak
yeah bebeh!